Traditional Kenyan cuisine

This is Mkate Wa Nyama (Samosa pastry filled with minced meat) and Mishkaki Chicken Kebab, a traditional Kenyan dish.

An important part of my travel experience is the traditional food of the country I am traveling to. Trying as many of the local dishes as possible is always my goal. When it comes to food you will find many similarities between the African countries. You can find sort of the same snacks, dishes or sides that slightly differ with their names and ways of preparation. Even so, every country has its own flavor and taste. The Kenyan cuisine is a blend of the Portuguese, Indian, Arabic and local cuisines and is some of the richest and biggest variety of food I have come across! I put together a list of the different dishes, snacks, and drinks that are common to the Kenya cuisine as well as the ones I found to be super yummy.

These are my 5 favorite dishes in Kenya:

1. Chicken Biryani and rice

This is Chicken Biryani and rice, a traditinal Kenyan dish.

2. Chapati(a flat bread) with beans in coconut sauce 

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3. Mkate Wa Nyama and Mishkaki Chicken Kebab

Mkate Wa Nyama is Samosa pastry filled with minced meat.

This is a traditional Kenyan dish called Mkate Wanyama and Mishkaki Chicken Kebab

4. Mukimo and Nyama Choma 

Mukimo is mashed potatoes with green vegetables. Nyama Choma is Kenyan grilled meat.

This is a traditional Kenyan dish called Mukimo and Nyama choma


5. Aliya, Osuga, Kachumbari and Ugali 

This is roasted beef cooked in sauce, served with vegetables, cornmeal porridge and a tomato/onion salad.

This is Aliya, Osuga, Kachumbari and Ugali, a traditional Kenyan dish.

When it comes to drinks, this is what you have to try:

  • Tamarind juice
  • Mnazi (coconut wine)
  • Tea Masala (spiced tea)
  • Tusker Beer
  • Dawa, a Kenyan cocktail made from vodka, lime juice, and honey

This is Dawa, a Kenyan cocktail made from vodka, lime juice and honey.

When it comes to snacks, this is what you have to try:

  • Kashata (coconut candy)
  • Mabuyu (baobab tree fruit with spices)
  • Mandazi
  • Samosas

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These are different dishes, snacks and drinks of the Kenyan cuisine.

What is your favourite cuisine? Let me know in the comments.

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