Useful Xhosa Phrases – Learn to speak Xhosa
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The click language Xhosa is one of the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa. It is mainly spoken in the Eastern and the Western Cape of South Africa. You are planning on travelling to South Africa and you would like to learn a bit of Xhosa?

My video is perfect to get started with the most important expressions. My friend Asanda is Xhosa and is teaching me and you. Enjoy!

Hello/ Good morning                                                Molo (1 Person)

Hello/ Good morning                                                Molweni (more than 1 Person)

How are you?                                                              Kunjani?

Fine, thank you.                                                          Ndiyaphila enkosi.

What is your name?                                                   Ngubani igama lakho?

My name is …                                                              Igama Iam ngu…

Nice to meet you.                                                       Ndiyavuya ukukwazi.

Thank you.                                                                  Enkosi.

Yes                                                                                Ewe

No                                                                                 Hayi

I am sorry                                                                   Xolo

Goodbye                                                                     Uhambe/Usale kakuhle

Good night                                                                 Ulale kakuhle

Where is the toilet?                                                  Iphi indlu yangasese?

Where is the toilet?                                                  Iphi itoilet?

I LOVE YOU!                                                             Ndiyakuthanda!

Do you speak English?                                            Uyasithetha isingesi na?

Is there someone here

who speaks English?                                                Ukhona apha umntu othetha isiNgesi?

I need help!                                                                Ndicela uncedo!

Come here!                                                                 Izapha!

I dont know.                                                               Andiyazi.

Please!                                                                         Ndicela/Ndiyacela

Go!                                                                               Hamba!

I am going.                                                                 Ndiyahamba.


Watch my video to learn how to pronounce it properly:


You would like to read more about Asanda? Then click here and “Meet Asanda”!

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