10 Things to do to experience Leipzig like a local
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This is at Tapetenwerk in Leipzig Lindenthal an old factory building that has been renovated and turned into office and work space for young creatives and entrepreneurs.

Leipzig is probably the most up and coming city in Germany right now. Most of my close friends live in Leipzig and I have literally spent half of my life there. That´s why I feel so connected to the city. In order to skip the tourist traps and experience city and country side like a local I put together a list of top 10 things to do and see in Leipzig:

1. Explore Leipzig New Lakeland (check out my vlog)

2. Chill and mingle with locals at the “Sachsenbrücke” in summertime

3. Dance your feet off at one of the various festivals in the area of Leipzig

(for instance: Th!nk?, Pow Wow, Melt, Highfield, Zilp Zalp, Summer Inspiration)

This is a picture of the Th!nk? festival in Leipzig at Lake Cospuden.

4. Party in one of the oldest clubs in Germany: Distillery

5. Try one of the specialities of Leipzig: Leipziger Lerche and Gosebeer

This is one of the specialities of Leipzig: Leipziger Lerche

6. Visit one of the various Galleries in Tapetenwerk, Werk 2, Alte Spinnerei, Westwerk…

7. Relax at Clara-Zetkin-Park

This is Clara-Zetkin-Park, which is the green lung of Leipzig with its trendy “Sachsenbrücke” (a meeting point) is located in that neighbourhood as well. If you enjoy chilling, relaxing, singing and mingling with “Leipziger” – this is the perfect spot for you.

8. Hang out for one evening in Karl-Heine-Strasse

9. Hang out for one evening at Karli (Karl-Liebknecht-Street)

10. Go on a boat or kayak tour and explore the waterways and canals of Leipzig

Keen to find more information on the above mentioned things?

My Ultimate Guide for Leipzig and my vlog you are going to find here.

More information about Leipzig itself you are going to find on: “I love Leipzig”.

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This is Lake Störmthal in Leipzig.

As usual all opinions are my own.

Have you been to Leipzig? What was your favourite activity? Let me know in the comments.

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Claudia Bartsch

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  • Stacey Gilkes

    These are some really great suggestions! Can’t wait to visit one day and try them all out! Great post!

    • Claudia Bartsch

      Thank you. You should definitely go.

  • Lyndsay Riggs Cox

    The boat tour looks amazing! So beautiful. I love reading about lesser known cities!

    • Claudia Bartsch

      Yeah Leipzig might not be known by everyone yet but the city is going to get there. 🙂