How to make Quarkkeulchen – a traditional German dish

This is how Quarkkeulchen, a common german dish, looks like when they are ready to eat.

It looks like pancakes but it´s not – Quarkkeulchen (if you translate it: little quark pancakes). It is not really a dessert although it looks like one. Germans usually eat Quarkkeulchen as a proper dish. The yummy dumplings, which are a common dish from Saxony, are made out of mashed potatoes, flour, eggs and quark cheese. For those who have never heard of Quark before, Quark is a fresh product made out of milk that is common to lots of European countries. It´s similar to ricotta but it´s different though.

In Germany, Quarkkeulchen are usually served with sugar or Apfelmus. Apfelmus is made out of cooked apples commonly sweetened with sugar – sort of an apple sauce. Don´t miss out on watching my video which you are going to find on the bottom of this post.

 What you need for about 10 Quarkkeulchen, which feeds 3 – 4 people:

  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 500g quark
  • ~150g flour
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch of salt
  • ~100g sugar – as you like it
  • 50 g raisins – if you like them, add more
  • Oil (neutral)


These are the ingredietns to prepare Quarkkeulchen, a common German dish.

How to prepare it:

  • Boil the potatoes with their skin until they are tender
  • Peel off the skin of the potatoes when they are still hot because then it’s easier to peel them
  • Mash the potatoes and put the mashed potatoes in a big bowl
  • Add quark, flour, 1 egg, raisins, sugar and a pinch of salt – mix everything

These are the ingredients that you have to mix in order to make a dough for Quarkkeulchen, a common German dish.

  • Make sure that the dough still sticks to your hands
  • Heat up a pan and put butter or oil in it
  • Put flour on your hands and create little pancakes out of your dough (of about 2 cm thickness)

These are Quark dumplings for Quarkkeulchen, a common German dish.

  • Fry the Quarkkeulchen until golden brown
  • Once they are done either sprinkle with sugar or add Apfelmus (apple sauce) on top


Now you are ready to serve and enjoy. 🙂

Bon appetite!!!

These a Quarkkeulchen, a common German dish.

Check out my video of how to make Quarkkeulchen:

What German food have you tasted already and what is your favorite one? Let me know in the comments!

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